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Get Involved

Grab Them By The Mid-Terms

Indivisible Stamford offers a lot of opportunities for people to get involved.

You can do as little or as much as you want.


Spend some time with like-minded people and help make a difference.


Do you want to take back the House? The Senate? The majority in state government? Now is your chance! We have several initiatives focused on doing just that: 


Work with us on:


  • Federal Adopt-a-District: Work nationally through phone banking, canvassing and texting to get out the vote and flip legislative districts around the country.


  • State Adopt-a-District: Our volunteers are working around the state and in Fairfield County to ensure a Democratic (and Progressive) majority in the House and Senate. The Governor's race is also a priority


  • Voter Registration: Our voter registration group is working with other community groups to register voters — with an emphasis on young voters, new voters, and underrepresented minority groups.





Member of Congress Communications

Join our federal issues group. They help direct our communications to our Members of Congress (MoCs), who need to hear about what we believe is important. They also need hear that we support them. 


Sign up here.


Show Up and Be Counted

While we are focusing on the November Election, lots of other things are happening. 

We can't support every protest effort we think it's important to show and be counted for issues that are too important not to support. Examples are the March for Our Lives, the Women's March and Rapid Response efforts should the Trump administration interfere with the Rule of Law.

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We work with local organizations to help support immigrant groups vulnerable to deportation.

Sign up here to help!