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Text Banking

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Why Text?


More and more campaigns and activist groups are using texting. Why? Because people read their texts, especially if they are short and to the point. Texts have high read rates, often within minutes, and you may see a 12-25% reply rate (up to 1 of every 4 people you text will text you a reply!). This is especially true if the reply is a one-word answer.


And, because texting is so quick, you can send a large number of text messages very quickly.

No matter which campaign or platform you decide to text with, you will likely need to get a Slack account. Slack is an online team communications tool (think of it as a virtual campaign headquarters) where you will be able to find out about the latest campaigns and ask questions. Check out this video to learn more about signing up for Slack (made by a different group but it's a good how-to) and how it works.

Get Quick How-To Facts About Texting

Text Campaigns We Are Working With

Text Out the Vote with the DNC
This is an easy one to start with. The DNC uses Hustle, which is very quick to learn.

  • Sign up here to start Texting Out the Vote.

  • Read their Texting guide here.

Text with Open Progress
Open Progress supports candidate campaigns and other activist efforts. 
Sign up for Text Troop Training
Get Started with Open Progress


Text with MoveOn

MoveOn uses a very simple platform, they text often, and their training is very straightforward. It’s is one of the easiest way to learn how to text. 


Join the MoveOn Text Team

Begin the Text Team Training

We are happy to help with any program you want to try. Email us at and we can arrange some one-on-one training.

Ready to text?

Indivisible Stamford meets weekly, via Zoom, on Wednesdays from

5:30-7 PM.


Drop in to learn what we are doing, get help with an activity, or just chat with like-minded folks who share your goals and concerns.

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