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Join Indivisible Stamford for

2 Months of Action
as we prepare for the most important mid-terms in a generation.

Indivisible Stamford will be canvassing, phone-banking, texting and writing postcards for candidates throughout Connecticut.

Get involved at a level that feels comfortable for you. Do a few nights of phoning banking, attend an event, make a donation — whatever works. 

If everyone does something, we can win this thing! 

The Candidates 

 We are actively supporting:

  • Jahana Hayes who is running to represent Connecticut's 5th District in the House of Representatives. She just won her primary and has been endorsed by Chris Murphy. 

  • William Tong for Attorney General. Now more than ever we need a strong Attorney General to resist the impact of the Trump agenda on our state.

  • Ned Lamont for Governor. The Republican candidate, Bob Stefanowski, gives Donald Trump an A+. Need we say more.

  • Matt Blumenthal, who is running for State Representative in the 147th district.

  • Alex Bergstein, who is running for State Senate in the 36th District which includes portions of West Stamford as well as all of North Stamford. 

  • Caroline Simmons, who is running for reelection representing the 144th District in Stamford, Connecticut. 

  • Carlo Leone, who is running for reelection representing 

Election Training 

 No worries if you’re new to phone banking or canvassing. Training will be available in advance or on site. And here are training tips you can view in the privacy of your own home or wherever your laptop or iPad resides. 





Plan Ahead and Sign Up Now

Join other volunteers from Swing Left, March On, MoveOn, Indivisible, Organizing for Action, Latino Victory, Flippable, and many other awesome organizations—and be part of the largest-ever volunteer initiative for a midterm election.

 Stand up and be counted. Commit your volunteer time on The Last Weekend now.