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Our Work Is Not Done.
In fact, it is more urgent than ever before.


Indivisible Stamford was founded in January 2017 in response to the Trump presidency.


The threat from Trump and the radicalized GOP is greater than ever. 

2024 will be a critical year for both our state and our country. We must:

~ Protect our democracy
~ Keep our Senate majority and win back the House
~ Keep CT blue (Not a sure thing)

Our group will be working on actions related to:

~ National elections & candidates
~ State elections & candidates
~ Voting rights & democracy protection
~ CT's election rights campaign

Our goal is to keep you informed and offer you ways to participate at a level that is comfortable for you. 

~ Organizing events and actions
~ Phone banking
~ Writing postcards
~ Letter writing
~ Canvassing
~ Writing editorials
~ Lobbying our state and national legislators

If you would like to join us please sign up for our email list or follow us on Facebook

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